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What we're about at Apartment Gardening Homes is providing you with information: inspiring tips on how to improve your apartment gardening and how to create a small space garden, be that garden in, outside, or around your home. AGH is an independent website devoted to enabling you, the reader, to bring into your life the beauty, harmony, and peace to which you are entitled. You deserve it.

We take you through not only how to create beautiful gardens, but how to bring to yourself the feelings, satisfactions, as well as tangible rewards, that are produced from what you will learn here. And despite our main focus being on Apartment gardening and Small Space Gardening, we cast a wide net. It is probable that you'll learn many things you didn't know before. In our website we cover not only yards, porches, verandas,water gardens,garden fountains, balcony gardens, window boxes, pergolas,how to garden and such (All of these will come alive with color and vibrancy as you successfully create your own beautiful garden settings and landscapes), but the vibrational harmonies attributable to these sort of successes, the less definable, but equally important aspects. For example, gardening tips on Feng Shui principles, aesthetics, and focal points.

Together, we will learn much. I say, "We," because AGH provides a 'feedback mechanism', where you can contact us (via email,)or add your own free web page with any of your suggestions and advice. And of course, you are free to ask questions. None of us know everything, and any help will be genuinely appreciated. No, we're not going to be too technical, filling these pages with the gobbledygook of scientific jargon and chemical formulas. Our resident garden gnome, Stumpy, abhors the technical- hates it! No, we'll use common, Australian-English terminology wherever we can. (and sometimes 'Gnome Language,' just for Stumpy's edification.

Here are the featured topics we will cover:

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