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10 Recycling Ideas for your Garden

10 Recycling Ideas for your Garden

Sitting and enjoying the beauty of a garden is a favorite leisure time in the spring and summer. Passionate people always keep looking for new and innovative ideas to decorate their garden. All the fancy decors and planters can be purchased from the market but the DIY enthusiasts always come up with creative and innovative ideas. It’s awesome to turn something into fantastic garden planters instead of wasting it. You can remove the unnecessary stuff from your garden to add glamor to it, but adding the recycling material in a unique and creative way is much better than that.

Here we’ve shared some outstanding ideas to decorate your garden with the recycling material and give a modern look to it.

Transform the tires into cute planters

This is a unique style of adding beauty to a garden. Tires are usually placed among the items that can’t be recycled. But now you can use your old waste tires to generate some awesome looking and unique style planters. This will add extra glory to your garden.

Soda bottles garden

The use of soda bottles to create a vertical garden is also a creative idea to show your passion. You can generate this simple yet awesome looking garden by hanging hundreds of recycled soda bottles on the wall.

Plastic Bottles

An excellent mini-cloche can be made by cutting off the bottom of large plastic bottles. They can protect the seedlings from snails, harsh winds, and slugs. Remember to keep the top of the bottle opened so that it may breathe without excess moisture. The bottle should be removed once the plants start touching its sides.

Rainboot Planters

It’s another Beautiful looking creative and unique idea that isn’t commonly known. You can add this feature to your garden in order to grab the attention of your visitors.

Kerosene Drum Planters

Use the kerosene drums to design some cute planters from them. This idea painting them like a male and female and decorating them with umbrellas is cool. You can add real personality to your garden with them.

Chandelier Planter

The idea of combining the recycled chandelier and terracotta pots to design a stunning garden planter is awesome.

Vintage Book Succulent Planters

You can make nice decors for your home and office with these vintage book planters.

Egg cartons

These egg cartons can be used to raise sprouts in them. Raising seeds in them is fun Cheap and easy.

PVC pipe planters

You can use the damaged or spoiled PVC pipes to create this nice looking planter.

Hollow log Planter for Flowers

Apply any of the above-mentioned ideas and bring a new and creative look to your garden with the recycled material.


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