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Greenhouses Ideal for Small Areas

A greenhouse does not need to be big to be good. You can buy or build a mini greenhouse and reap rich rewards in both production and satisfaction. In greenhouses "size does matter," of course. The large greenhouse is almost mandatory for the ''commercial grower,''who needs plenty of space to raise a large quantity of plants all year round. In this instance, we have the case of "big business" geared to big profits: huge tracts of land, acres of glass, and perhaps millions of plants.

You, on the other hand, might possess only a small balcony, patio or deck as available space. So can you grow plants that obviously need the shelter of a greenhouse? Is it possible? Yes, it is!

The Mini Greenhouse

So how do you do it? The answer: buy or build a Mini Greenhouse. You can purchase them in kit form and assemble them yourself. Or, if you are a bit handy, simply knock one up using your carpentry skills. They're easy enough to assemble or build, and they take up such little space.

A typical Mini Greenhouse (view photo)can take up as little room as six(yes,6)square feet. Moreover, most of them are readily transportable. You can move them around to suit yourself.

Why A Mini Greenhouse? ( build a Mini Greenhouse)

A Mini Greenhouse can be used to start plant growth during the colder seasons. It gives you a safety margin of establishment. Then, once the weather improves, or the season begins, these now healthy plants can be transplanted out in the open air and sunshine.

Using a Mini Greenhouse gives you a headstart (in fact a head and shoulders start over the usual waiting out the colder months.

Variety (Build a Mini Greenhouse)

This headstart, will allow for the earlier harvesting of crops and that in itself is one benefit. But the Mini Greenhouse has other advantages, one of which is the wide spectrum of plants you can put in it. You can experiment with a great many varieties and this adds to the fun.

Herbs,vegestables, house plants various types of lettuce, the list goes on and on.. whatever tickles your fancy. All of these can be grown successfuly once you've built or assembled your mini greenhouse.

You can put in such delectable vegetables such as Swiss chard, Spinach and Kale. And the beauty of it is you can use your Mini Greenhouse all year round.

Then there are those perennial plants. Your Mini Greenhouse can protect from, cold, ice, snow, frost, hail and heavy rain. Plants can be placed in plant containers and stay healthy and happy inside that mini-structure until Spring. Then, once the weather becomes friendly once more, out they go, to be transplanted into the open garden.

Also the strictly decorative plants, commonly found inside the house, can be given a new lease of life by such a change. Simply put them into your mini greenhouse for while. They'll love you for it

There are a good variety of herbs and lettuce that can be grown healthily and successfully when you build a mini greenhouse - yes, and for the whole year!

Other delectable vegetables such as Swiss chard, spinach, and kale can also be planted and grown inside the Mini-Greenhouse.

These would make for a tantalisaing bowl of salad with freshly-picked greens even during the cold season. Wonderful for you and your guests.

Mini Greenhouses are also useful for those tender perennial plants. The greenhouse can protect them from ice, snow and frost during the winter season.

They can be placed in plant containers and stay healthy inside the mini structure until Spring.

Once the weather becomes friendly enough, these plants can then be again transplanted into the garden outside for a much healthier environment. They'll enjoy the holiday.

Protection with a Capital P

When you build a mini greenhouse it does more for you than than provide the ideal temperature, humidity and light. It does more, too, than provide protection from frost, cold, ice, and heavy, driving rain. That's only part of it. -With a Mini Greenhouse you can keep out slugs, snails, bugs, all invading munching insects- even foraging rabbits. This means no need for insect sprays. And this, of course, means the best in healthy, organic food- the sort of stuff you pay for through the nose at supermarkets.

Starting out small build a Mini Greenhouse

You might not be limited in space. Still we recommend that you start out with Mini Greenhouse. Start small. See how that goes before committing to a larger structure.

There are all kinds of things one can learn from experience. For example, in the ''small base, tall mini greenhouse'' (view photo) with its four shelves, the plants inside would experience different temperatures on different shelves. Why burn up a thousand seedlings in a big structure when you could just as easily learn that lesson from a half-dozen in a Mini Greenhouse? Lot less traumatic. Then again, if your main purpose is to grow only a few species, germinate seeds, or provide protection to a limited number of plants during the colder season, having a Mini Greenhouse is exactly what you need. Tips for your mini greenhouse

  • 1. Keep your mini greenhouse sterile and clean.
  • 2. Place it away from strong winds.
  • 3. Remove dead and old plants.
  • 4. Place stones in the mini greenhouse to absorb heat so they release the heat at night.
  • 5. Keep your mini greenhouse ventiliated in summer to maintain a steady heat.
  • 6. Water your plants with a mister once a day, and clean leaves with a cloth on occasion.
  • 7.Give your plants some space to breathe; don't cramp their style
  • 8. Most important: love. Give 'em love and they'll give back to you the same, many times over.

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