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Feng Shui My Bedroom

Welcome to another aspect of Feng Shui: its influence in your boudoir. Feng Shui is important here, for we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed- and probably more if we happen to be teenagers or honeymooners. Feng Shui My Bedroom deals with both ambience and harmony, and these are as applicable to the bedroom as anywhere else in our lives.

Bedroom Layout
Wherever possible, it is best to place your bed so that when you are lying in it you can see the entrance to the room, but anyone standing just outside the door cannot see you.

This gives you a feeling of security, of not being able to be 'taken by surprise.' The optimum Feng Shui layout would be to have your bed in that corner furthest away from the door, with the head of the bed against a solid wall, the foot facing the door, but not seen directly through that door. In other words, tucked around the corner.

In Feng Shui, having a bed whose foot is directly facing the doorway is regarded as morbidly auspicious. This is how the Chinese place their coffins in a home before collection.

Door and Windows in Feng Shui My Bedroom Doors and windows situated directly opposite one another are also regarded as not good. In Feng Shui, one has to bear in mind the flow of Chi. The Line of Chi between an open door and an open window, especially if it crosses over your bed, is thought to create illness.

Feng Shui - the bed itself

Ideally, beds should be raised off the floor, with enough space below for air to circulate. Storage draws, bulky suitcases, piles of books and magazines, anything that can restrict the good circulation of fresh air, thus creating stagnant Chi, is not desirable. Also, headboards are recommended. They represent the Tortoise Position (Our resident gnome, Stumpy's comment on Feng Shui My Bedroom is derogative. Stumpy can't find the "Tortoise Position" in his copy of the Karma Sutra) Anyway, the headboard (Tortoise) should be higher than the Phoenix, or foot-board.

Now, we know that most beds are made that way, so don't sleep upside down in 'em. Not only bad Feng Shui, you'd dirty the pillows with your feet.

Bed materials, Feng Shui my bedroom

Beds should be made of natural materials, including our bedding. Cotton sheets and pillow cases, woolen blankets, breathable fabrics. For the Feng Shui bed, wood is usually the choice. And wood such as bamboo is particularly used in the East. Metal beds conduct electricity, so care should be taken. You wouldn't want to hot-wire yourself with an electric blanket now, would you?

In Feng Shui, it is said that water beds create conflict between the Fire and the Water elements, thus creating instability whilst we sleep.

Our resident gnome, Stumpy, mentioned something about sea sicknesses but we ruled this out. (Sometimes wonder about Stumpy. He can be quite negative at times)

More on bed placement In Feng Shui my bedroom, beds should preferably be backed by a solid wall, not a window. A window behind the head-board gives a feeling of insecurity. It can also let in unwanted drafts directly behind the sleeper- not good.

Also, in Feng Shui, where a double bed is confined in such space that one occupant has to climb over the other to get in or out, harmony will not prevail. The best bed position is having a wall behind the headboard and enough room on either side for a small table or low cupboard unit. These should be balanced, one on either side. Yeah, and not one huge tall-boy for Mum and a tiny single draw-job for Dad! We said "balanced." Below: A Feng Shui bedroom in the tropics. Note the whites and the tiled floor. This is to keep the mood cool in sweltering heat. Also, these are used to reflect light, "Enhance the morning Chi."

Furnishings in Feng Shui My Bedroom

Pictures, ornaments, images, should depict pairs in the master bedroom. This is particularly so in the "Relationships" corner of the room. (Check the Feng Shui Octagon to determine this) So go for pairs of, say, colourful birds - particularly if they are facing towards one another, dolphins, any friendly-looking birds or animals.

Images of a solitary figure denote loneliness, as does a single bed. It is possible to feel isolated and insecure within a marriage. In this case, hang a picture of a couple on the wall and display pairs of objects.

(Stumpy says that photographs of parents, family, children, or friends have no place in a couple's boudoir. Now, I wonder why that is?... Could it be the mother-in-law's frowning countenance?)


According to Feng Shui lore, mirrors should not face the bed. The Chinese believe the soul leaves the body when we sleep, and we could become alarmed to come across ourselves in the mirror.

A more conventional view is that most of us are not looking our best in the mornings, and seeing our tousled image on waking might be a bit disconcerting. So, despite what bawdy-house madams and brothel owners recommend, adjust those mirrors so you can't see yourself lying in bed.

A lot of the information presented in Feng Shui My Bedroom is plain, common sense. A beautiful view from our bedroom, soothes the soul, helps us wind down, and invigorates us on our awakening.

To wake up in the morning to a picture of the sun rising over a gorgeous landscape vitalizes whole our day.

On the other hand, street lamps, outside our bedroom can cast reflective images in a mirror which may disturb us when we are half asleep. In contrast, strategically placed mirrors facing a wonderful view will draw that beauty into the room. We should use our mirrors to give us the best environment they can provide.

Space - Feng Shui My Bedroom

We have already touched on this. If we are fortunate enough to have a dressing room, we are able to remove most of our extraneous things from the bedroom itself. And, of course, built-in-wardrobes are better than the huge, bulky, room-dominating external type. So hang those clothes up in the dressing room or built-in 'robe. That's what its for.

Don't clutter up the bedroom with strewn clothing, abandoned boots and cast off socks. Garments strewn over chairs for days on end constitute clutter and worry for us, since we know we'll have to deal with them eventually. Untidiness is a good indication of our current state of mind.

Dominating furniture such as massive, high book shelves, twelve-storey high tall-boys, and grandfather clocks have no place next to a bed. If you have to have 'em, keep 'em as well back as possible.

Continuing with the subject of space in Feng Sui My Bedroom, the worst type of storage is the overhead cupboard linking wardrobes on either side of the bed. This acts as in much the same way as overhead beams do. It leaves those sleeping under it feeling vunerable.

The same applies to anything else hanging over the bed. (Some exceptions here could be specific types of crystal, and cooling over-head ceiling fans)

Electrical Equipment in Feng Shiu My Bedroom.

Electrical equipment is not desirable in the bedroom- a battery torch or two for power blackouts excepted. You don't need a television, stereo system or computer in there (unless, like Stumpy you live in a one-room cave) All electrical equipment radiates electromagnetic fields of one type or another, and the closer we are to this radiation the more we are affected by it.

Such electromagnetic waves can have a deleterious effect on us, particularly over the long term. If you feel you can't live without these things, then make sure you switch them off - at the wall - before you go to sleep.

Electric blankets are a real problem, for they encase the whole bed with an electromagnetic field. Use 'em to warm up the bed before you get in, by all means. But unplug 'em - at the wall - before getting into bed. All electrical items should be placed well away from your bed, and this includes electrical clocks. Get one with a big enough read-out so you can see it from afar.

Oh, and turn off that mobile phone you happened to place in the top draw right next to your head. Everyone is entitled to some time to themselves. I hope you enjoyed Feng Shui My Bedroom. Marty .

I like to have a pair of parrots in my bedroom, as birds are my favourite animal, and it's great relationship "Feng Shui". "I need as much help as I can get."Good luck and Happy Chinese New Year from Feng Shui My bedroom

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